Reduce Moving Costs With These 4 Tips

Moving can be expensive, whether you’re headed a few miles away or across the country.

There are the costs to rent a truck, purchase packing supplies and possibly hire professional movers — all of which may be more expensive now because of inflation.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your costs if you plan ahead. Do you want to save money on your next move? Just follow these tips:

  • Declutter and donate before packing up. There’s no sense in paying to move items you no longer want or use. Before you start packing or getting moving quotes, declutter your home. You can donate or sell anything you don’t actively use if it’s still in good shape. You might be surprised how much time and money it can save you later.

  • Get creative with packing materials. Buying boxes, tape and other packing supplies can quickly increase your costs. Instead of purchasing these items, try to source them from neighbors, work or your local stores. You can also use towels, sheets and other linens (which need to be packed anyway) as DIY padding for fragile items.

  • Shop around for professionals. Don’t go with the first truck rental or moving company you find. Get quotes from several providers and read reviews to ensure you’re getting good service with a trustworthy company — and at a reasonable cost.

  • Pick your moving dates carefully. The cost of movers rises when they’re in high demand, so plan your move for a less popular time of the year, month and week. Typically, movers cost less in the fall and winter, in the middle of the month, and on weekdays (not including Fridays).

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